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About Us

Passion, zeal, creativity, and beauty are some of the values that are at the very core of Stephanie’s Homemade Co

At our company, we value beauty that radiates from the inside out. From creating bath bombs, to bath tub caddy’s, growing an organic garden to concocting our own hair and skin care products, it was natural skin care that claimed our focus because the beauty of the skin is what subtly meets the eyes. Radiant, glowing skin is the physical boundary that wraps up your soul and the essence of you like a giftwrap on a beautiful present.


At Stephanie’s Homemade Co., we believe that how we treat our minds, souls, and bodies is heavily reflected on what we see on the outside. For this reason, the products at Stephanie’s Homemade Co. are made with all-natural ingredients, some home-grown herbs and crafted together with purity, gentleness, spirit and love. Our products take form in the most positive of conditions with the intention of protecting the inward and outward beauty of its recipients. We know you do what you can to protect your heart, soul, and mind, and we do what we can to protect your most precious organ that is a reflection of your personal care.

Our products are free of harsh chemicals, phthalates, parabens, and animal cruelty. When you entrust your skin care to us, you partake in the pride we take in being environmentally and socially responsible in creating our products, which are no less than crafts of art created with the end user in mind.

The Ingredients

All Natural. Organic. Safe.

Our ingredients are homegrown and cultivated in an organic garden to ensure that no harsh chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizing agents make their way into our products. 

From planting to harvesting to blending, our organic herbs are treated with care and refined to perfection so that you receive the freshest of ingredients consistently in every product, time after time.

We test our products in-home before marketing them to our customers. Because our products are all-natural, made with safe ingredients, and are gentle on the skin, we do not have the need or desire to test on animals. 

Effective and Long Lasting

The combination of ingredients we use have been well researched to ensure that each one serves a purpose to your skin’s health, radiance, and longevity. We use nothing more and nothing less to bring you skin care products that are safe, effective, and provide long-lasting care.

Our products will leave your skin looking, feeling, and smelling fresh all day. All natural ingredients for an all-natural you! 

The herbs we combine are rich in anti-oxidants and supplement vitamins and minerals that uphold and promote collagen. This means that with regular use, our products will provide you with skin health benefits for years to come.

Contact Us

Have any questions or thoughts you want to share? Drop us a line or give us a call! We are always happy to hear from our customers and chat about our products.

Alternatively, feel free to talk to someone right on our site through the chat icon.

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