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Healthy skin is important to our overall well-being. Getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, not smoking or not exposing your skin to too much sun unprotected, exercising and diet play a part in healthy skin care. The other part is what you put on your skin. The less chemicals and the more natural products are a healthy alternative.  Spa at Home Co uses all natural ingredients. We use high quality essential oils and natural herbs to create wonderful aromas. You can benefit from detoxing, exfoliating, moisturizing and cleansing your skin daily and weekly that will help to firm and tighten skin to feel and look younger. People with sensitive skin or allergies should benefit from the lack of synthetic ingredients but always try a small patch test. Spa at Home Co skincare products are made from quality natural ingredients:

  • No additives 

  • No man-made fragrances

  • No chemicals

  • Paraben free

  • Preservative free

  • Natural alternative



Suggested skin detoxing routine once to three times a week, as needed. 

  • boost  energy

  • rid your body of excess waste

  • improve skin overall health making your skin smoother and clearer

  • improve acne


How to use

Soak in a warm bath to sweat out additional toxins.

  • Bath Salts & Tea

  • Bath Bombs



Exfoliating leaves your skin exposed and more vulnerable to outside environments,yet if done properly your skin can get the following benefits: 

  • Repairs the layers of skin

  • Rids skin of dead skin cells

  • Polishes leaving your skin looking healthy

  • Stimulates cellular regeneration

  • Cleans clogged pores; deeper cleaning

  • Exfoliating helps to slow down aging skin


How to use

Exfoliate at least 3 to 4 times weekly. Be careful not to do too much because it can cause damage to your skin. Exfoliate at night to repair your skin, not while you are out and about doing your daily routine. Your exfoliation should not feel too harsh or rough.

  • Sugar Scrub

  • Lip Scrub



Cleanse skin of external elements such as dirt and sweat that can clog your pores. Also habits such as too much exposure to sun and wind, sleeping in makeup, working out without washing your face afterwards, and cigarette smoke affect your skin.

Clean Skin

  • Protects

  • Soft and subtle skin

  • Glowing skin

  • Unclog pores and reduce the appearance of black heads, blemishing

  • Slows down aging

  • Prevents too much oil on skin


How to Use

  • Foaming Facial Wash

  • Bubble Bath and Body Wash



Moisturize to hydrate skin face, neck, chest and hands

  • Protects

  • Hydrates your skin 

  • Improves dry or damaged skin

  • Proper moisturizer can protect skin stripped of the oils their skin needs

  • Normal skin needs moisturizer to balance

  • Treat damaged skin

  • Youthful glow


How to Use

Your facial skin is the gentlest skin on your body. Use your facial moisturize on your face, neck, chest and hands. You don’t want to have a soft smooth face but your neck and chest skin looking neglected. Moisturize the rest of your body daily and as often as needed.

  • Facial Moisturizer 

  • Body Butter

  • Hand and Body Cream

  • Lotion Bar

  • Lip Balm

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