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2 scents to choose from: Alpha for Men & Bae for Men


Men’s Essentials Set includes all natural skin care products. 8 Oz Body Wash, 4 Oz Body Butter, 3-2 Oz Lotion Bars. Includes a loofah and comes in a black canvas toiletry bag with SHCO logo. Available in two scents: Alpha for Men or Bae for Men.


Alpha is a light spicy  combination of Sandalwood with citrus. When combined they create a powerful, uplifting, and warm scent.


Bae is warm and relaxing, yet  crisp and clean. A softer combination of Cedarwood, florals and a hint of zest. This creation is a balanced earthy fragrance that can help diminish stress and promote a sense of calmness.


Men’s Essentials Set

  • Black canvas zipper toiletry bag 9” X 7” X 1”

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